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With a base of citronella, the most widely used mosquito repellant there is, this candle also has patchouli which is often used as a natural insect repellent as well. Lifting this very grounded and earthy candle are the fresh fragrances of fig and melon, rounding it off as an exhilarating and enjoyable scented candle you’d be happy to light in any social gathering.

'Live Well' Citronella, Patchouli, Fig & Melon Candle

  • All our candles are made with eco soy wax and are 100% pure and non-toxic. We use only the best quality fragrance and essential oils, and use cotton wicks. Each candle is poured individually with the utmost care to produce a premium, high-end product. Each candle in an amber glass jar is 175ml with a burn time of up to 30 hours.


    The Social Butterfly Co. Candles each contain a base fragrance that is known to repel mosquitoes, with the idea that our candles can still smell great, but subtly repel those mosquitoes at the same time – naturally repelling any unwanted guests whilst you be the social butterfly you are!

    • 175ml Amber Jar 
    • Burn time of up to 30 hours
    • Made of Eco Soy Wax
    • 100% pure and non-toxic
    • Cotton Wicks
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